Paintbox with accessories

George Blackman
1 min
Year: 1795-1801



A landscape painter’s equipment might include an easel, paints, brushes, canvases, food and drink, as well as extra clothing for a day spent working outdoors.  

It was heavy and awkward.  

If the equipment needed to be carried far, and if the weather turned windy and wet, things could get pretty arduous. 

And then came a new solution: 

Advert voiceover:

Are you tired of lugging around heavy equipment in the wind and rain?  

Always putting your back out with heavy easels, jars of pigments and all the thousand-and-one things an artist has to carry in order to call nature his studio – and there, with the heavens as his ceiling, create the most beautiful interpretations of God’s creation? 

Are you wearing yourself out for the sake of art? 

Worry no longer: 

Blackman has the answer! 

George Blackman’s artist’s paint-box from London’s Oxford Street contains a complete set of equipment for painting outdoors – everything you need in a single box! 

Send a letter with your order right away and the box will be despatched and shipped in just a few weeks. 

Don’t delay! Nature is calling! 

Blackman’s compact artist’s paint-box for the modern landscape painter. 

Trust in Blackman!