Grayson Perry. Fitting In and Standing Out

On this tour you will hear three audio stories from Grayson Perry talking about the oddities of the art world and his relationship to it, while also introducing us to two of his works, Kinky Sex and Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman. In addition, there is also a video where Perry tells us more about his tapestry series “The Vanity of Small Differences”.

“Grayson Perry. Fitting In and Standing Out” is the first solo exhibition with Grayson Perry’s art in Norway. He is known for his innovative, pictorial stories and his incisive satirical depictions of English cultural and social life. 

The exhibition shows ceramics, tapestries and sculptures from the 1980s until today. Visitors will get to know the artist's personal view on, among other things, identity, taste and gender roles, some of the norms that govern what we perceive to be fitting in or standing out.

See Grayson Perry's The Vanity of Small Differences here