Giovanni Battista Guadagnini 1784 - Viola

Played by Catherine Bullock-Bukkøy


Catherine Bullock-Bukkøy

My name is Catherine Bullock-Bukkøy and I am the solo viola player in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

I must say I am extremely lucky to use this viola. It has changed my whole playing life, The first thing I noticed when I played on it was the soul of the instrument. It is extremely good and has such different colors and personalities, it is wonderful.

And it is interesting it is a late instrument, Guadagnini was quite old when he made it, and in a way you see it in the way it Is built and that gives it even more charm. Also the color of it, which is a beautiful red color. So I am very lucky.


Britten – Elegy


Dextra Musica/Richard Valencia