Erik Johnsen Helland 1867 - Hardanger fiddle “Jordalsfela”

Played by Ragnhild Hemsing


Ragnhild Hemsing 

My name is Ragnhild Hemsing and I am both a classical violinist and a hardanger fiddle player. I travel around the world and play concerts in various constellations. As a soloist with orchestra, with a pianist, with a chamber group or with various projects where I use both genres.  

The finest and most special thing about this hardanger fiddle is the unique sound and the depth of the fiddle, which really comes to the fore when playing all kinds of repertoire. And not least, it is very special that this fiddle was ordered by the famous Norwegian violinist in 1867 who also played on a fiddle.  

Ole Bull - In Moments of Solitude (arr. for hardanger fiddle)   

Dextra Musica / Kristoffer Eliassen