Giuseppe ‘filius Andreæ’ Guarneri 1703 - Violin

Played by Geir Inge Lotsberg


Geir Inge Lotsberg

My name is Geir Inge Lotsberg and I’m a violinist in Oslo String Quartet. I’m teacher of violin at Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo, and I’m also the artistic director of the Chamber Orchestra Trondheim Soloists.

The 13th of July 2007, there was a big change in my life as a violinist. From that day I’ve been so fortunate to play on Dextra Musica’s violin, built by Joseph Guarneri, from 1703. This amazing violin has all the qualities that a violinist can dream of. 

Since it was new it’s been taken care of, and been played on by several very good violinists, some of them I know the name of. All these colleagues have had an impact on this amazing instrument, and I’m so lucky to be inspired by it every day.


Carl Nielsen - Variation from opus 48


Dextra Musica/Richard Valencia