Anders C Kleven 1899 - Hardanger fiddle

Played by Helga Myhr


Helga Myhr

My name is Helga Myhr. I’m working as a frilans musician in several different projects, like the band Morgonrode, the vocal group Kvedarkvintetten and in duo with cello player Tanja Orning. I’m also working as a solo musician and write new music. 

I really like this hardanger fiddle, that I’m borrowing from Dextra. It is made by fiddle maker Anders Christian Kleven in 1898. The head has a special and beautiful carving, and Kleven recieved a gold medal for this fiddle at a instrument exhibition in Bergen the same year. 

The fiddle has a special, clear and sparkling sound. It has also a dark sound that I think gives it a full-bodied character.

This is a fiddle that answer my playing quickly, and therefore it is perfect for traditional hardanger fiddle tunes with it’s quickly melodies and bowing.  Kleven was known for his long resonance strings. It means that the string goes all the way back to the end of the fiddle, and gives a note also behind the bridge. The note behind the bridge is an octave up from the note at the other side of the bridge. Perhaps this gives the resonance string a different and more fully sound when it resonates with the upper strings. You can also use the resonance strings more as a little harp when you playing on it. 


Hallingspringaren “Store-Dekken”


Dextra Musica/Kristoffer Eliassen