Giuseppe del Gesù 1744 - Violin “Terminator”

Played by Henning Kraggerud


Henning Kraggerud

My name is Henning Kraggerud. I’m a violinist, a violaplayer and a composer. I also teach, I am a professor at the Norwegian Music Academy in Oslo. And I am artistic director of Arctic Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra.

I do like to improvise, arrange music and do quite a lot of things. And also I am “international chair” in Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. 

What makes it especially fun to play on this great instrument, a Guarneri from 1744, with the nickname the Terminator, is that it has almost limitless colours. I’ve played it for fifteen years, but I can still find new things in it.  So I am very lucky. The warmth and broadness of the sound makes me so inspired, so I’m happy that I can borrow this from Dextra.  


Kraggerud - Postludium 20 from Equinox, version solo violin.


Dextra Musica/Richard Valencia