Hieronimus Amati II 1680 - Double bass

Played by Kenneth Ryland


Kenneth Ryland

My name is Kenneth Ryland. I am principal double bass in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and a member of the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. 

The Amati is an extraordinary instrument! The top is really a work of art, and I never get tired of watching it. The wood in the ribs and the back, is kind of special and funny. Looking almost like a cabins floor. 

This double bass has an incredible core in the sound, but being almost 350 years old it can be a bit “difficult” some times. The days we really “agree”, it´s just pure joy! Anyway; playing this double bass makes me the luckiest bass player around! 


Piazzolla Bass Cadenza from Kicho


Dextra Musica/Thomas Widerberg