Francesco Gofriller 1740 - Cello

Played by Øyvind Gimse


Øyvind Gimse

Hi, my name is Øyvind Gimse, I am a cello and chamber music professor at NTNU in Trondheim, as well as at the Galamian Academy in Malaga, Spain. In addition, I'm an active chamber musician, and is the Artistic director of the chamber music festival «Vinterfestspill» in Røros, Norway.

Some years ago, I got a phone call from «Dextra Musica» in Oslo:

Hi Øyvind, we have decided to lend you a cello from Dextra Musica.

Wow, how great!

Yeah, we have just bought two Gofriller cellos, a small beautiful and a big powerful one, I just call them the beauty and the beast, and guess who will get the beast!


But you know, the best thing is: it's Jaquelines'!

What do you mean?

It's the one Jaqueline du Pre recorded Beethovens' Ghost trio on! Yeah, with Zuckerman and Barenboim! Yeah, you can watch it on YouTube!

Is it possible?

Is it possible? An icon of a musician, an idol of a cellist, a legend in the world of music, and I get to play on her cello?  How do I deserve this honour? What will this do/mean to me? Does it still have her voice?


Elgar - Cello concerto introduction
Bach – Sarabande


Dextra Musica/Richard Valencia