Piranesi, Norway & the National Museum

Giovanni Battista Piranesi



One of the first things you encounter in the exhibition are two etchings from Piranesi's series Vedute di Roma - views from Rome. 

This series began in the 1740s - a few years after he arrived in Rome.  

The prints were originally included in a private collection that was donated to the National Museum in the late 1800’s. 

This collection consisted of 2,700 works and a large associated library, making up an important part of what is today known as the Graphic and Drawing Collection at the National Museum. 

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The collector who was originally behind this collection was Carl M. Stang.  

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Stang was a historian and a teacher, but in his spare time, he was a dedicated art collector with an interest in graphics and drawing.  

Some of the first works to enter the collection were two Piranesi prints, and in this way, Piranesi's work is part of the National Museum's institutional history.  

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Today, the Graphic and Drawing Collection contains over 50,000 works on paper.