Social gatherings

Villa Stenersen
Photo: Annar Bjørgli/Nasjonalmuseet


Through the circular entrance with a lemon-coloured ceiling, we enter a room built for parties. Here, the floor is covered with huge terrazzo tiles, which follows the curvature of the flower bed outside.

If you continue to the left, you enter through glass doors to the garden room. The large windows make you almost feel like you are in the garden. The fresh green and yellow colours on the plastered wall are repeated in several places in the house.

The grand piano here was moved in with the Stenersen’s in 1938. Their sons' friend, the musician and cabaret star Einar Schancke often sat here and played pop and danceable jazz, so the guests could let loose on the recessed dance floor.

The bar, which has the same surface and colour as the wall, was specially designed by Arne Korsmo. And the two tables were made in collaboration with Josef Kussius, a well-known designer and craftsman at the time.