The Stairwell

Villa Stenersen


The architect Arne Korsmo was concerned with vertical lines in the architecture.

According to him, the wide stairwell was the most important room in the house.

You can almost see how he intended for you to move into the house: via the round entrance and then winding your way up the flight of stairs.

Here your gaze drifts upwards, where it finally stops at the ceiling where the light enters. This ceiling is an important core aspect for understanding the house and the architecture.

The skylight is created by casting 625 glass prisms into a slightly vaulted concrete roof.
Today, the roof has been recreated based on research of the old prisms, which had been destroyed by the weather.

Hadeland Glassverk, in collaboration with Byantikvaren, carried out the research, and produced the new prisms for the roof, which was fully restored in 2023.

The stairwell also served as a gallery to display works Rolf Stenersen collected, such as art by the Austrian Expressionist painter Egon Schiele and works by young Norwegian modernists.