Master Bedroom & Bathroom

Villa Stenersen


The most striking thing about the master bedroom is probably the view to the south.

Here, light floods in through the windows across the entire width of the room, and they could wake up to the view of the Oslo Fjord.

Originally, the room had a light-coloured wallpaper on the walls.
The shelves and cabinets by the wardrobe were designed by Korsmo and were previously painted in a light sandy colour, decorated with stripes in a darker yellow.

The green glass panels and handles on the cabinets are made of Belgian mabritte glass, as are the large blue tiles on the house's facade. This type of glass is partially translucent and makes the color changes with the daylight.

The beds were designed by Aage Schou for Steen og Strøm in 1935, with steel details and resemble the original double bed of the Stenersen couple.

With our backs to the bathroom, we glimpse Holmenkollen hill in the west.
The ensuite bathroom is the best-preserved bathroom in the house. The green tiles, yellow wash basins and bathtub have colours that are repeated throughout Villa Stenersen.

The mirrors by the window make it possible to see oneself from all angles, and show us the connection between daylight and lamplight, outside and inside.