A garage for people who don’t like cars

Villa Stenersen
Photo: Annar Bjørgli/Nasjonalmuseet


The circular shape is repeated as a form in Villa Stenersen. Outside, creeping, green plants and roses grew in the round flower bed.

The flowerbed creates a visual focal point and welcomes you in, both to the garage and the house.
Through double gates on the east side of the house, one drives the car into the garage, and at the other end there are corresponding doors, so you don't have to back out.

A similar efficient garage solution can be found in the famous house Villa Savoye outside Paris, which was designed by the architect Le Corbusier.

The Stenersen family owned several cars during the years they lived here, including a blue Studebaker. There is room for two cars in the garage, and floor-to-ceiling windows make it almost like a display window for the cars.

Family members say that it was often Annie Stenersen who was the family's driver, and that her husband’s lack of interest in cars and driving was reflected in the fact that you could drive through the garage and not have to back the car out.