This illustration is a sketch that shows how the library may look when finished. Architect: Kleihues + Schuwerk
Photo: (Utsnitt) Illustrasjon: MIR kommunikasjon

We are now preparing to reopen the National Museum’s library and documentation archives in the new National Museum. Here the art library will be a visible and open meeting place for everyone.

New more functional premises will make it easier for us to provide access to our collections and treasures. In the new library, everything will be organised to let you decide for yourself how best to pursue your interests, whether it be research, the writing of a dissertation, plain curiosity, or learning more about the National Museum’s exhibitions.

The doors open in autumn 2022, but the library’s catalogue and a number of other electronic resources and relevant links are always available on the current website.

Please contact us by e-mail: 

We look forward to welcoming you at the National Museum’s new library and documentation archives in 2022!