Museum building in Oslo seen from above.
Photo: Iwan Baan

The architect, Klaus Schuwerk, has asked that it be clarified that he is not the author of the following parts of the building, as well as the following signage and furnishing of the building:

  • Signage on the façade
  • Signage inside the museum
  • Monitors in the foyer
  • Partially the furniture in the museum (in detail: tables and chairs in the café; loose furniture in «Salongen»; benches in the exhibition areas; loose furniture in the VIP room; chairs, sofas, lamps and carpet in the library; furniture in the education area; furniture in the group reception rooms in the basement).
  • Brass stripes in the floor in the exhibition areas
  • Additional glass door in the foyer
  • Wooden floors in the library, the auditorium, and the multifunction room
  • Wall materials in the education area
  • Surface materials in the offices on street level (north façade)
  • Partially surface materials in the office area

In addition, it is clarified that the exhibition design has been performed by Guicciardini & Magni Architetti in a separate contract, and that loose furniture in “back of house” has been procured with the assistance of Cadi and Kaels in a separate contract.