A rowboat with finely dressed people cross a fjord with mountains and a church in the background
Hans Gude, Adolph Tidemand, "Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord", 1848.
Photo: Nasjonalmuseet / Børre Høstland

In 2021, the National Museum will take the collection on tour around Norway and at the same time invite the public into the museum's new home.

While we wait for the museum to open, we are making the collection available to the public by collaborating with other exhibition venues and by taking highlights from the collection on tour.

"The first works of art have already arrived at the new National Museum in what will be a major relocation process, but not all the works will move in immediately. Over the next few months, several of them will be touring around the country. We have called this year's programme Art Comes Home. Soon you can experience art from the National Museum's collection in the north and south, in the mountains, in churches, at train stations, under the sea, and behind prison walls", says Karin Hindsbo, the National Museum's director.

Bridal procession through the country

In May and June, Tidemand and Gude's Brudeferd i Hardanger (Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord) goes on a tour of Norway. Each stop will offer the opportunity of a unique intimate encounter with one of Norway's most famous works of art. The painting will visit all the counties in the country and will, among other things, be exhibited in a nursing home, a school, a refugee reception centre, a shipyard and a prison.

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Around Norway with the National Museum

Throughout the summer and autumn, we are sending a number of the collection's main works to places where they have a local affiliation, either through being created there, through the motif or through the artist's ties to the place. Each of Norway's eleven counties will receive a visit from at least one artwork. Maybe you can have a close encounter with a major work from the National Museum's collection in your home town or your holiday destination this summer? These will be unique opportunities to experience highlights of Norwegian art history at unexpected exhibition venues before they move into their new home in the National Museum.

The first work to go on tour is one of the highlights of Norwegian national romanticism, Johan Christian Dahl's Fra Stalheim (1842), which will be shown at the Stalheim Hotel near Voss at the end of June.

Making the collection available

In addition to sending works of art on tour, the National Museum is collaborating with several exhibition venues on a number of exhibitions:

  • An audience with art. The National Museum in the Queen Sonja Art Stable presents a sample of older and modern art and design from the collection presented in the new National Museum. The exhibition will be staged in the Queen Sonja Art Stable in Oslo and is the result of close collaboration between Her Majesty Queen Sonja, The Royal Collections and the National Museum. The exhibition opens on 26 May.
  • Rites of passage. The National Museum at Kunstnernes Hus shows works from the National Museum's collection with the main emphasis on contemporary art. The exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo examines "passages", both as a motif and as a symbol of transformation, transcendence and movement. The exhibition opens on 26 May.
  • Summer adventure. The National Museum at Blaafarveværket will be the main exhibition at Blaafarveværket in Åmot in Modum in the summer of 2021. The exhibition shows art from the 19th century and follows Norwegian artists on their travels in Norway and abroad. The exhibition opens on 8 May.
  • In the autumn, the National Museum and the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo will collaborate on an exhibition where the museums' collections complement each other, and together will reach new audiences. The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology will also show the National Museum's touring exhibition Gerhard Munthe. Incredible Interiors that opens 28 May.

"The National Museum greatly appreciates the excellent cooperation we have experienced at these exhibition venues. We look forward to showing important works from our collection to the public while we work on preparing the new museum. We hope that the public takes the opportunity to see highlights from our collection in new places", says Hindsbo.

Photo: Nasjonalmuseet / Annar Bjørgli

Welcome in!

The National Museum invites you to take a guided tour of the new museum while we work on installing the exhibitions and get everything ready for the opening in 2022. Join a walk through selected areas of what will be the Nordic region's largest art museum and peek into some of the rooms that will house the new collection presentation, with art, design and architecture from antiquity to the present. Experience the Light Hall and the museum's roof terrace. We look forward to showing you around!

The tours will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Registration will open a week before. Sign up in the Facebook event (in norwegian) to be notified when registration begins.

A broad programme

Black-and-white photo of the Y-building in concrete in central Oslo
The Y-building in Oslo, ca. 1969. Architect: Erling Viksjø.
Photo: Teigens fotoatelier

2021 will feature a wide range of exhibitions, events and activities in Norway and abroad, analogue and digital.

Exhibitions and activities in the National Museum – Architecture

The National Museum – Architecture will offer a varied programme throughout 2021, including the exhibitions Concrete in Transition. The architect Erling Viksjø and his artist collaborators and Four Houses. Four Women. Beate Hølmebakk's Architecture based on Literary Figures. A presentation will open this autumn of Joar Nango's nomadic library Girjegumpi.

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Villa Stenersen

Villa Stenersen is open every sunday untill october. Open house sundays 12:00–16:00.

I Call it Art

In 2021, the National Museum will continue to provide samples from the opening exhibition I call it art. In the programme series SIDESPRANG, artists from the exhibition get to test out works of art and working methods that they take with them to the exhibition in the Light Hall in the new National Museum.

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Exhibitions on tour

Every year, museums and galleries around Norway are visited by the National Museum's touring exhibitions. In May, Gerhard Munthe - Incredible Interiors opens at the Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology in Oslo before the exhibition travels on to Søgne Gamle prestegård in Søgne. Gustav Vigeland. A Scream from the Sofa will open in October at the Vigeland Museum in Oslo, which is the last stop on the exhibition's three-year tour of Norway.

Foto/collage: Helen & Hard

Venice Biennale of Architecture

In May, the world's most important architectural exhibition opens in Venice, and this year the National Museum is hosting the Nordic Pavilion. The museum is collaborating with the Norwegian architectural firm Helen & Hard, which is creating a full-scale cohousing community inside the pavilion.

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Digital offering

The virtual edition of the exhibition "A Collection in the Making"

The National Museum will also offer digital experiences throughout 2021, including live broadcasts that take you close to the art, stories from the museum, lectures, 3D tours and several events.

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