In Room 11 we present a reconstruction of a ballroom from a villa at Solli in Christiania (Oslo). The ballroom exemplifies a typical Neoclassical interior from the 1830s and 1840s. The architect is Christian Heinrich Grosch (1881–1865), Norway’s first professional architect. In 1940, the museum acquired part of the interior of the villa before it was razed. Since then, the interior has been exhibited in the museum. 


Mardi 8

Director: Nicolas Lim 

Sound Composer: Reno Isaac

Graphic Artist: Ahmed Bouchinafa

Concept Artist: Thomas Puggelli

Post Production Director: Nicolas Lim

Post Production Assistant: Marlène Blondeau

Project Managers: Montse Cerdan and Gwladys Bernard 

Main Project Manager: Clothilde Lepas

Producer: Youenn Le Guen


The National Museum

Curator Learning: Cathrine Lorange

Curators: Inger Helene Stemshaug and Knut Astrup Bull

Editors: Cynthia Osiecki, Klaus Kottmann and Hilde Areng Skaara

Multimedia Editorial Board 


Drammensveien with Døderleins løkke and Solliløkken, Unidentified artist, 1830s – Photo: Rune Aakvik / Oslo Museum
Ferdinand Gjøs, Fredriksro, Hegdehaugen, from the area around Solliløkken, c. 1930 – Photo: Rune Aakvik / Oslo Museum


Samværsdansen i Christiania på 1800-tallet, CD 3, «Lang Wals» and «Wiener Kreutz-Polka»

Producer and responsible: Dag Vårdal

Musicians: Vegar Vårdal and Patrik Andersson Tidman



Dancers from Oslo historiske dansegruppe

Peder Valle and Marianne Moe