Do you have a strategy for listening? The artist Siri Austeen would like to challenge how you hear things. How do you listen to a place, an environment, a time? At the exhibition, she is showing an installation that uses car windshields to create sound. The windshields have been painted and either hang from the ceiling or stand on the floor. They have been affixed with microphones that record and transmit sound, turning the windshields into loudspeakers. The sound you hear is based on field recordings from various places, such as the Oslofjord and the Kronebreen glacier on Svalbard. These field recordings have been manipulated and used in a composition and adapted to the room in which the work is being displayed. If you move among the various windshields, you can hear and see how the room changes.  
Austeen is interested in the relationship between people and nature, and in this work, she explores this theme through her selection of materials such as glass and rope, her technique, and her choice of where the given sounds have been recorded. During the exhibition, the artist will also put on a performance where she will add bass. GH