Edvard Munch, "Madonna", 1894–1895
Photo: Nasjonalmuseet / Børre Høstland
  • 12 December 2021

Get to know one of Norway's most famous works of art; Edvard Munch's iconic Madonna from 1894.

Why did it become important to Munch to recreate several versions of this image? Who is the woman in the picture and what does she symbolize?

In this live broadcast from the National Museum, you will meet Thierry Ford, paintings conservator at the National Museum, Vibeke Waallann Hansen, curator at the National Museum and Munch specialist and, not least, Madonna herself.

When we go live on Facebook and YouTube on Munch's birthday, 12 December, you can ask questions about the work in the comments field and we will do our best to have your questions answered by the experts. You can watch the live stream on this page and in this Facebook-event.

Is there something you already know you want to ask? Feel free to submit your questions to Senior Communications Advisor, Ellisiv Brattfjord, here and now.

The event is held in English. A texted version will be published on YouTube after the live event.

Close Encounters is an online series from Nasjonalmuseet, where we get close to some of the highlights of the paintings collection.

Watch the recording of the live event here

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